School Uniforms

Shirts and outerwear can be purchased at:

FashionSport & Uniform
1300 NW 23rd St, West of, N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma

Harding Fine Arts Academy requires students wear approved uniform attire. Students have the right to choose their own grooming styles subject to the requirements of this policy. Students are encouraged to communicate their personalities and creativity through their speech, actions, and artistic endeavors.
Academy students wear school uniforms to:

  • minimize socio-economic differences
  • eliminate distractions and increase the focus on instruction
  • promote an orderly and safe learning environment
  • encourage the practice of professional and responsible dress

All students are expected to adhere to the school dress code on school grounds and at school activities and functions. The most important uniform check of the day happens before a student leaves home.
Please be cautious when purchasing club or activity apparel. Not all apparel sold by school clubs or organizations are approved for daily uniform wear. It is the student’s & parent’s responsibility to verify that these garments can be worn daily. Failure to do so can be an expensive mistake.

No student will be denied attendance or penalized for failing to wear the school uniform due to financial hardship. The student or parent will share with a trusted school adult if obtaining the required uniform presents a financial burden. The Academy seeks assist students experiencing financial hardship in meeting uniform requirements and assistance may be provided in various forms.

Pants, Shorts, Skirt & Skorts

  • Color must be solid khaki or black and simply styled.
  • Fastened at waist and designed to be worn with a belt (no drawstring waists).
  • Sagging or “low rise” clothing is inappropriate for school (appropriate fit and size).
  • White or black leggings may be worn under skirts or skorts.
  • Hemlines must be of modest length at or below the student’s fingertip with arm fully extended.


  • Shirts must be sourced from an Academy approved vendor.
  • Free of visible logos, labels, words, or pictures other than approved school logo.
  • Red, black, or white long or short-sleeved.
  • Unaltered and appropriate size and fit.
  • Undershirts must be white, red, or black with no designs or insignias showing.


  • Only official cardigans, sweater vests, sweatshirts, or jackets.
  • Free of visible logos, labels, words, or pictures other than approved school logo.
  • Unaltered and appropriate size and fit.
  • No hoodies may be warn during school hours


  • Shoes are required at all times on school property and school buses. Shoelaces must be tied.
  • Must be closed-toe, closed-heel with a non-slip sole.
  • Sandals, flip-flops, beach or pool shoes, and house shoes are not acceptable for school.

Hats, Jewelry & Accessories

  • Caps, hats, or head coverings including scarves, bandanas, and sweatbands are not worn in school building. Exceptions include a head covering associated with student’s religious beliefs, for medical reasons, or as approved by school administration for a special school activity.
  • Jewelry and accessories which pose a safety concern for the student or others are prohibited.
  • Student belts must be solid color with a plain belt buckle and worn in the belt loops.

Body Art

  • No visibly inappropriate or sexually suggestive writing, drawings, or designs are allowed. The Principal has final authority to make this determination.

Spirit Days

Spirit Days occur at the discretion of the Principal. Student dress on these days will be an official school club or organization t-shirt and uniform pants, shorts, skirt or skort. These days are intended to build pride, unity, and support for the school and the Academy’s diverse clubs and organizations. These days are free, and although students are encouraged to participate, they are not required to do so and may attend in the traditional school uniform.

All other uniform requirements remain in effect on Spirit Days.

With the Principal’s permission, a team may be allowed to wear school-approved team warm-ups on game day. The warm-ups must meet the Academy Dress Code and the entire team must be uniformly dressed in the same warm-up. No sweatpants are allowed.