Toilet paper in a suitcase

Harding Fine Arts Academy Hosts Toilet Bowl

The NFL might have their Super Bowl, college football has the SugarBowl or the Rose Bowl. But, Harding Fine Arts Academy has the Toilet Bowl!

Harding Fine Arts Academy charter high school is located in the old Harding Junior High School building located at 33rd and N. Shartel and was built back in 1924. The student bathrooms are in extreme need of renovation. This is where the idea for the “Toilet Bowl” began to develop.

“We’ve got bathrooms with leaking toilets and no bathroom stalls or doors.” says Glenda Jensen, HFAA PTO President and HFAA Board Member.“Our students and faculty deserve better!” she said.

The Toilet Bowl, which will be held after school in the cafeteria on Friday, February 10th, will be a fundraiser with a carnival-like atmosphere with games centered around toilet paper.

Toilet paper bowling, toilet paper streamer toss and toilet paper clothing fashion show are just a few of the planned events for the students. Prizes will be given to students who create the best toilet paper outfits.

“It’s fortunate that our student body and supporters are creative!” saidBarry Schmelzenbach, HFAA Principal. “Because we get limited funding from the state, we have learned to be creative in our fundraising efforts!” he said.

“It’s a PTO-sponsored event with help from community.” says Jensen. “Whole Foods and Treats Solutions have donated refreshments and toilet paper for the event,” she said.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Harding Fine Arts AcademyPTO Bathroom renovation fund may send a check to HFAA at P.O. Box 18895, Oklahoma City, OK 73154.

Harding Fine Arts Academy is a public charter high school located in central Oklahoma City. Harding Fine Arts Academy receives the same “per student” funding as does regular public schools. However, by Oklahoma state law, charter schools do not receive any money as part of the state funding for facilities maintenance or improvements as do district public schools. Charter schools are also prohibited from issuing bonds or incurring debt. It’s up to the school to make up the difference.

Harding Fine Arts Academy is an Oklahoma City charter school that prepares high school students for college in an academically challenging,arts-integrated environment and has recently been named a 2015 BlueRibbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.