Girls basketball game


We advocate for a well-rounded student and athletics are aimed to nurture the physical and mental health of our students through vigorous sport.

How Our Students Thrive

Two martial arts students sparring

Improved Analytic Skills

Engaging in physical exercise helps stimulate the mind by activating analytic functions to solve a problem.

Students studying on the stairs

Greater Leadership Abilities

Physical exercise helps our students realize achievement and leadership in their activities which in turn helps to boost self-confidence.

Students dancing

Better Team Orientation

Students use team work to set goals and find solutions to achieve them together enhancing communication across a variety of styles.

List of Athletics

Girls basketball game


Playing basketball helps to improve communication and foster life-long relationships among our students.



Cheerleading helps to improve our students’ managerial and communication skills as they cheer on their fellow teammates.

Large group of martial arts students

Martial Arts

Martial arts is a sport that aims to build confidence in our students by learning defense practices, among other skills.

Soccer Ball


Soccer allows our students of all ages and demographics to participate in an exercise that helps to stimulate their minds and relieve them of stress.

The tennis team


Tennis helps increase student concentration level and improves coordination, agility, and balance. It also increases their confidence while promoting teamwork.

Volleyball team by the net


Participating in volleyball helps our students in team-building exercises that work to improve their people skills.

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