Students stand in front of giant clay heads


Arts is a product of imaginative and creative thinking that delimits our students’ abilities to express themselves. It is a diverse learning area that enhances the curriculum at HFAA.

How Our Students Create

Student Art

Improved Analytic and Problem-Solving Skills

Incorporating art into a student’s life helps shape problem-solving and critical thinking skills by relying upon the full person to execute the craft. Coursework triggers both creative and cognitive areas to work synergistically and cooperatively.

Student playing electric guitar outside

Increased Self-Confidence

Our arts high school brings out the best in our students through our various programs. Performing arts such as drama and debate encourage students to hone response and public speaking abilities that help to build self-confidence, connection and image.

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Enhanced Communication

Art is an expression. Our students find a variety of ways to express themselves through art forms.

Subject Areas

A student drawing in pencil

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program includes photography and graphic design to stimulate the visual impression of the world.

Students dancing

Performing Arts

As one of the most reputable art schools in Oklahoma, our performing arts program includes dance, drama, martial arts, and debate. Your student will increase their ability to communicate and connect through verbal and non-verbal cues.

Student playing electric guitar


Our musical arts program helps equip our learners with the ability to make and perform music.

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