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Educating for Life Beyond the Classroom.

Harding Fine Arts Academy is a student-centered, arts integrated, all-inclusive learning institution in Oklahoma for college, prep, and high school that fosters an atmosphere that prepares students for life. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide high quality education to any student with the hunger and drive to learn. We commit to setting every student, who walks through our halls, onto a road of possibility, hope and triumph.

Since 2005
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Our Advantage through Curriculum and Culture

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Rigorous Learning Environment

Our college preparatory school focuses on creating an encouraging learning environment. Integrating the Oklahoma A+ Essentials framework, we emphasize strategies that foster innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking among students. Our accolades and alumni are testament to a methodology that simply works.

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Arts Integration

Problem-solving. Confidence. Leadership. Adaptability. These are just some of the proven advantages students receive by undergoing an artsintegrated education.

We want your children to grow into well-rounded, competent, and emotionally intelligent individuals. Our programs help students flourish in the discipline most inherent to their character.

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Individualized Attention

At our college prep high school, your child will receive the attention they need to succeed. Classrooms at the Academy are structured to meet the needs of 15 to 20 students with a student-teacher ratio of 13.86.

This makes it easier for our teachers to make connections and tailor their teaching style to individual students.

Charter School Excellence

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Experience why we think we are one of the best of Oklahoma’s tuition-free charter schools.


We’re Proud of Our Students

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99% graduation rate

$3.9M in awarded scholarships

2019 Best Charter School of the Year

Oklahoma’s 1st Youth Poet Laureate

Newsweek #112 “Beating the Odds: Top High Schools for Low-Income Students”

Top 200 Ranking (or Top 12%) in US News & World Reports Best Charter High Schools in U.S.

Letter from the Superintendent and Principal

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We’re so thrilled you’ve taken the first step to learn more about the Academy. We are confident that the skills learned on campus live within students for a lifetime. Our pride comes when seeing the impact of the Academy’s arts integrated curriculum on students past and present. We’re especially inspired to see students – from various walks of life – prosper in an environment that encourages both stringent academic rigor and creative best-in-class arts programs. Our students soar. All students soar. That’s what makes our process work. Our methodology plus the encouragement of dedicated educators and the support of exceptional faculty and staff is the formula that leads to academic excellence and life-long success. Please join us. All are welcome.

Taylor C. Stanton
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Taylor C. Stanton, M. Ed.
Jeremy Williams
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Jeremy Williams, M. Ed.

What People are Saying

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1. Is Harding Fine Arts Academy an all-encompassing high school?

Our mission is to provide an arts enriched learning environment merging aesthetic and academic content to enhance student achievement and to encourage arts related careers and lifelong arts appreciation. However, our vision for student achievement and leadership is designed to promote success regardless of future goals. Whether a student aspires to excel in vocal performance or information systems technology, photography or medicine, our academic opportunities and expectations strive to unite individual talents with personal excellence.

2. Must students pass a test or audition for admission into Harding Fine Arts Academy?

As a charter school, admission is open to all students with a vested interest in the Arts. We do not select students based on grades, testing or auditions, they reach out to the entire community. However, HFAA does use auditions and testing for placement.

3. Is Harding Fine Arts Academy a free and public High School?

HFAA is a public, charter high school; there is no tuition. If the student is already an Oklahoma City Public School district resident, there is no transfer required. If the student is not an Oklahoma City Public School district resident they must receive a transfer from their home district. During the Freshman Lottery process, preference must be given to those residing in OKCPS district.

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Ready to Get Started?

Ready to learn more about our arts-integrated, tuition-free preparatory high school? We welcome all inquiries and look forward to meeting you.