What Others are Saying About Us


Harding Fine Arts is the best education experience for those looking for qualified, committed, dedicated, and experienced educators and staff. The balance of quality core curriculum, with the excellent selection of artistic based electives, equals a top notch foundation for the high school student interested in a liberal arts college degree. I would recommend this school even to those seeking a standard high school experience, because of its wide variety of electives, student activities, and smaller class sizes. An A++ in my grade book.
Yvonne Hughes (Parent)

Best school in the state hands down, you get treated like family and the teachers care about you, this is the place to get your education!!
Jesus Luevano (Graduate)

This school is incredible. I'm impressed with the staff and the curriculum. I wish I could go back to high school and attend this one.
Terry King (Parent)

I'm so thankful my daughter had the good fortune of attending Harding Fine Arts Academy. The faculty and staff are amazing! Great experience!
Debi Hutchison-Menzer (Parent)

We LOVE HFAA!! The teachers are amazing.. We couldn't ask for a better school for our kids to attend.
Amber Ballard (Parent)

One of the best schools you could possibly find in Oklahoma City. The staff here truly care.
Shannon Stockton (Parent)

As a mother of five, with two graduates of HFAA and two beginning and ending elementary school after this year, I loved, love this school and suggest it to any parents asking what schools do I recommend. I hope HFAA is still an alternative, for our home school, when our younger two are ready to attend high school. I believe incorporating the Arts with academics, not only helps students with their confidence, it helps in their learning altogether. The staff is great and attentive with their student and parents, as well.. I have always loved the Arts and when schools were cutting them, I was so disappointed because the Arts really do help your students in so many ways, be it in life or academically add a great staff not only is the experience great for the students but for their families too.
Jenny Blaine (Parent)

I have truly enjoyed my son's high school years here. His teacher are caring and truly want the best for their students.
Catina Baker (Parent)