Visual Art II

Course Description:
Art II strives to develop and refine the student’s ability to create, investigate, and respond to the visual fine arts in a variety of media.

The skills, vocabulary, aesthetics and all other areas from the Visual Arts Common Core National Standards curriculum will be emphasized. The student will continue to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the visual arts. The student will be exposed to art in a historical and cultural context, and will develop vocabulary, judgments and aesthetics that will allow him/her to better discuss and /or critique works of art. Students will continue to build their portfolios.

Artists in Visual Art II will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Creatively and effectively apply the Elements and Principles of Art and Design
  • Enhance and broaden drawing skills
  • Deepen knowledge and experience of various art media, terminology and methods
  • Respect and appreciate visual art, including its intrinsic value and connection with other subject areas
  • Use constructive critical thinking skills to assess their own work and the works of others
  • Begin to identify and cultivate an individual artistic voice