Visual Art I

Course Description:
Art I strives to develop the student’s ability to recognize visual arts content, concepts and skills, as he/she creates, discusses and grows to understand original works of art.

The skills, vocabulary, aesthetics and all other areas from the Visual Arts Common Core National Standards curriculum will be emphasized. The student will develop understanding and appreciation for the visual arts. The student will develop artworks from which pieces will be selected to become a part of his/her portfolio, so that by the time a student has completed Art IV, that student will have a body of works that represents and demonstrates growth in quality and skill, as well as breadth of experience.

Artists in Visual Art 1 will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Understand and apply the Elements and Principles of Art and Design
  • Establish basic drawing skills
  • Explore and gain the ability to effectively use various art media, terminology and methods
  • Respect and appreciate visual art, including its intrinsic value and connection with other subject areas
  • Use constructive critical thinking skills to assess their work and the work of others