AP Studio Art

Course Description:
We will practice artistic disciplines to build a portfolio of college-level artworks with the intention of submitting it to the College Board for AP credit.

The skills, vocabulary, aesthetics and all other areas from the Visual Arts Common Core National Standards curriculum will be emphasized. There is even more of an emphasis for the student to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the visual arts. The student will be exposed to art in a historical and cultural context, and will develop vocabulary, judgments and aesthetics that will allow him/her to better discuss and /or critique works of art. Students will continue to build their portfolios.

  • Encourage creative and systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues.
  • Emphasize making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in informed and critical decision making.
  • Help students develop technical skills and familiarize them with the functions of the visual elements. 
  • Encourage students to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively to their culture through the making of art.