Artist and English poet William Blake once said "Great things are done when men and mountains meet." I am amazed every day at how our HFAA family embraces adversity. Even more astonishing, are the many accomplishments of our students and faculty given the challenging circumstances that we sometimes face. The articles in this newsletter are just a small sampling of what our students and faculty have accomplished.

We have so much in which to be proud including how our students and faculty are marvelous stewards of the resources that we do have. Even so, we are always striving to improve our existing programs, curricula and facilities. As mentioned in the last newsletter, by Oklahoma State law the students in charter public schools do not receive any money for facilities maintenance or improvements as do students in district public schools. Additionally, charter public schools are also prohibited in Oklahoma from issuing bonds or incurring debt. This leaves only highly competitive grants and private donations, for which we have been faithfully applying.

We recently received close to $15,000 through to go toward necessary items ranging from cameras and sewing machines to desks and musical instruments. Thank you to all who donated! In the next few weeks we will embark on our Annual Fundraising Campaign as well.

At HFAA we believe that challenges must be faced in order to grow. As we successfully overcome challenges, we build a resilience that lasts a lifetime.


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