Harding Fine Arts is the best education experience for those looking for qualified, committed, dedicated, and experienced educators and staff. The balance of quality core curriculum, with the excellent selection of artistic based electives, equals a top notch foundation for the high school student interested in a liberal arts college degree. I would recommend this school even to those seeking a standard high school experience, because of its wide variety of electives, student activities, and smaller class sizes. An A++ in my grade book.
Yvonne Hughes (Parent)

This school is incredible. I'm impressed with the staff and the curriculum. I wish I could go back to high school and attend this one.
Terry King (Parent)

I'm so thankful my daughter had the good fortune of attending Harding Fine Arts Academy. The faculty and staff are amazing! Great experience!
Debi Hutchison-Menzer (Parent)

We LOVE HFAA!! The teachers are amazing.. We couldn't ask for a better school for our kids to attend.
Amber Ballard (Parent)