Semester Finals Information

Mon. 12/14

Tues. 12/15

Wed. 12/16

8:00 - 8:20




8:30 - 9:35

1st Hour

4th Hour

7th Hour

9:45 - 10:50

2nd Hour

5th Hour

Make Up Test

11:00 - 12:05

3rd Hour

6th Hour

Make Up Test

12:05 - 12:35




12:45 - 3:00

Dismiss or tutoring by arrangement

Dismiss or tutoring by arrangement


December is upon us and it’s time to help your student focus on finishing well. Concentrated effort and a little information can make a huge difference in your child’s grades at the end of this semester. These next two weeks are very important.

Our Grading System: Our grades work on a two quarter and one final system. The first quarter ended October 14 and a grade was posted in PowerSchool. That quarter is worth 40% of your child’s semester grade. The second quarter ends on December 11 and is also worth 40% of your child’s grade. If your child is exempt from finals (see the Student Handbook for guidelines), whatever grade they get then becomes their semester grade in that class. If they are not exempt, the final becomes the last 20% of their semester grade. Our counselors will inform students if they are exempt on Friday, December 11.

Final Exam Exemption notices will be given to students on Friday 12/11. If a student is exempt from a final(s), they do not need to attend that class. If a student chooses to attend school and are exempt from a final, they must be either be in that class studying quietly or in media center and may not leave campus. Students may not remain in the building after dismissal unless they are being tutored by a teacher.

Semester Final Exemption

Each student may choose to exempt out of the Semester Final for a class by meeting the following criteria:

1) 90% or above average for the semester and 5 or fewer absences.

2) 85-89% average for the semester and 4 or fewer absences.

Exam exemptions are for those who have been present in class the required amount of time. Even though properly documented excused absences (e.g. illness, bereavement) can be considered for meeting students’ course attendance requirements, they still will count as a day (or part of a day) absent for final exam exemptions. Students will not be exempted from performance finals.

Late Work Deadline: Students may still have assignments due during the week of December 7, but we must have all our students’ late work in by their class time on Monday, December 7. In other words, unless arrangements have been made directly with your child’s teacher, no late work will be accepted for a grade after Monday, December 7.

Finals: If your child is required to take a final, then they must be in their seats on time. Refer to the Final Schedule above. We recommend they arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their exam time. They must sit for the entire exam even if they finish early. They must leave campus 15 minutes after their last exam unless they stay for lunch. No student should be on campus after 12:45 pm unless they have made prior arrangements with a specific teacher for tutoring. Since all finals are mornings only, do not check your child out. Make any needed appointments for the afternoons.

Helping Your Child Study: There are not many class days left, so help your child make good decisions about their time use between now and the end of their last final. Turning off social media, the television, and putting down their phone is a discipline they may not see the value of just yet. They may need your help. And helping them carve out a quiet place to study is very useful too. (Yes, parents, it’s ok to ask them to turn off all electronics by 8:00 pm on an exam night.) Short study times with 5 minute breaks over several days of study is considerably more effective than last-minute marathon cram sessions. Good sleep and balanced meals with plenty of water will help your child recall needed information and think more clearly under the pressure of the exam.

The Best Resource: If your child seems lost for what to study first or most often, their best resource is their teacher. Prompt them to ask for help! None of us learn best in isolation. We will host tutoring sessions every day this week and through next Friday. Our National Honor Society students volunteer many hours during these sessions too and your child can benefit.

HFAA is a college prep high school and your child should take pride in finishing well. Encourage them to take finals preparation seriously. Focused and intentional hard work now will not just give them better grades, it will increase their options in the future.