State Superintendent Awards for Arts Excellence

The 2020 State Superintendent Awards for Arts Excellence, which are co-sponsored by the State Department of Education and Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education, are awarded to high school juniors and seniors who have achieved artistic and academic excellence and served their communities. This year, 14 Harding Fine Arts Academy students received these prestigious awards.

Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said, “The arts have great value and are an important component of a well-rounded education. Students who participate in the arts, whether music, drama, dance, or in visual media, acquire skills that transfer to other academic areas and carry forward into adulthood.”

“Especially for a school of our small size, we are exceedingly proud to have 14 students from five different categories honored this year!” said Barry Schmelzenbach, Harding Fine Arts Academy School Superintendent. “It is most definitely a credit to our passionate and talented teachers who work tirelessly with our students to help them develop their individual skills!” he said.