AP European History

Course Description:
Students in AP European History are expected to demonstrate knowledge of basic chronology and major events and trends from the High Renaissance of approximately 1450 to the present. The course is divided into two semesters: (1) the Later Middle Ages through the French Revolution, and (2) the Industrial Revolution to the present. The broad themes of intellectual-cultural, political-diplomatic, and social-economic history form the basis of the course within that chronology. Areas of concentration will include historical, political, and economic history coupled with an intense study of cultural and intellectual institutions and their development. These areas are studied from a variety of perspectives with the hope of providing a balanced view of history. Emphasis is placed on developing intellectual and academic skills, including (1) effective analysis of such primary sources as documents, maps, statistics, and pictorial and graphic evidence; (2) effective note-taking; (3) clear and precise written expression; and (4) the ability to weigh evidence and reach conclusions on the basis of facts.