Seniors 2020

Copy of letter sent to all senior families

Updated 5/15/2020

Dear Seniors and Senior Families: 

Due to the weather forecast for this evening and tomorrow, we decided to preserve the only in-person component to graduation this spring by rescheduling it.  We want the maximum number of seniors to participate, therefore, our celebration events will be delayed to Sunday afternoon.

The drive-up component will be Sunday, May 17, from 2pm to 4pm (note the time of day). The Graduation video will be released at 5pm

We can’t control Covid-19 and we can’t control the weather for our outdoor event, but Sunday looks to be the best day to have some fun and celebrate our graduates.

Thank you and see you soon!

Letter from Mr. Campbell from 5/13/2020

Thank you for your patience.  Since we have had to convert our traditional plans to dive-up and virtual, our team has had to make many decisions while not always being together to do it.  Below is updated information on our events for graduation week.  If an event is marked “live”, students may show up to school but must observe proper social distancing guidelines.  If the event is marked “virtual” we will release a YouTube link though our school social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) at the time listed. 


Drive-up/Walk-up Graduation (live): We will replicate our traditional ceremony with a drive-up graduation ceremony with the front of our historic building as our backdrop on Friday, May 15, from 5pm to 7pm, Sunday, May 17, from 2pm to 4pm weather permitting.  We will broadcast this event live on our school’s Facebook page (Facebook Live) so friends and family can see each student pick up their diploma cover and have their picture taken by a professional photographer. We will also have your picture taken against a “green screen” and we’ll photoshop it and send it out as your 2020 senior class picture. Please show up in your cap and gown.  Since this is an outdoor event, if there is high winds or heavy rain, we may need to reschedule this event. 


  • We ask that you line up clockwise, from a bird’s eye view, around the building.  Much like drop-off or pick-up, the final turn will be when you drive your graduate east on 33rd Street and turn right on Shartel Ave.  The front of our building is our “stage.”  The first stop will be the Harding building sign on the corner of 33rd and Shartel.  See detailed map below.  We will have volunteers to help direct you.  Please be patient. 
  • For the sake of all participants, please limit cars to two (2) per party. 
  • ONLY the senior may exit the car.  We have several professional photographers and we will provide prints of these to you. 
  • Since we are outdoors and are watching our distances, students don’t need to wear masks, but are welcome to do so.  Be prepared to slip masks off for pictures. 
  • Once students pick up their graduation packet and have their picture taken, please return to your car so we can welcome the next senior. 
  • Have fun.  This is not our first choice, but we plan to have a great time celebrating the class of 2020. 

Graduation video (virtual): We will broadcast our graduation video at 8pm 5pm, which will include greetings from our featured speaker, board president, administration and top two valedictorians. 

Senior Dinner: If guidelines this summer allow for an indoor event, we will host a senior dinner on Saturday, July 18. If an in-door event is not possible, we may choose an outdoor venue that allows for our exclusive use. As this is our only likely in-person time to meet, we’ll work hard to make it happen and still adhere to safety guidelines.