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HFAA’s biology course covers the science concepts, laws, and theories that are fundamental to all life. During the biology class you will study the scientific processes that govern life at many different levels of organization ranging from how atoms and molecules interact to form organelles and cells to how organisms made of millions of cells interact with other organisms and their environment.  As a result of this class, you should gain a better understanding of yourself and the world of you live in. 

Biology is major pillar in our understanding of the world in which we live. It helps us understand our history, where we come from, and what we may be capable of in the future. Science is a valuable method of learning about our world through experiments and experience. The objective of this course is to learn the fundamentals of biology through experiential, inquiry-based methods. This means there will be many experiments, analysis, and discussion in class.

Because much of the class time will be consumed with these inquiry lessons we will also have frequent homework readings, lectures, videos, and quizzes that will fill out our knowledge. It will be very important to have reliable internet access and keep up to date with your homework.
Another objective of the class is to pass the End of Instruction (EOI) Exam at the end of the year. You must pass this EOI to graduate and if we work hard together this should be within everyone’s grasp.