School Uniforms

Harding Fine Arts Academy requires that students wear approved attire following the uniform dress code. The school uniform allows all students to communicate their personalities and creativity through their speech, actions, and artistic endeavors rather than their clothing. It helps to promote community standards of health, safety and morality. Students found in violation of the uniform policy will be sent to the office to call a parent or guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school. Students not in compliance with the uniform policy are subject to the HFAA Student Code of Conduct. Students found in repeated violation of the dress code are subject to further disciplinary action. All students are expected to adhere to the school dress code on school grounds.


Students may only wear HFAA polo shirts purchased from authorized dealers.

  • Only HFAA logos are permitted on shirts or sweatshirts.
  • No other logos or insignia are acceptable.
  • Undershirts may be short or long sleeve and must be solid white, red or black with no designs or insignias showing.
  • All shirts must be of appropriate size and fit and in good condition.

Shirts can be ordered online through Ibiley or by calling (305) 625-8050

Sweatshirts and Jackets

  • Only approved cardigans, sweater vests, sweatshirts or jackets with the HFAA logo/crest may be worn inside the building.
  • They must be clean and maintained in good condition, unaltered, and worn as designed with an HFAA polo worn underneath.
  • ONLY UNIFORM JACKETS MAY BE WORN DURING CLASS HOURS.  All other jackets/coats/hoodies must be left in a student's locker throughout the day.

Pants or Shorts

  • Pants and shorts may be plain or pleated front.
  • Pants and shorts must be of appropriate size and fit and worn at the waist.
  • Colors: Black or khaki ONLY (NO blue jeans or sweat pants).
  • Pants and shorts may be cotton twill, wool or denim only (NO stretch knit.) Tight stretch pants of any fabric or material are not acceptable.
  • Shorts must be knee length.
  • Leggings or tights in solid red, white, or black may only be worn with shorts or skirts of appropriate length.
  • "Joggers" are only acceptable if they do not have a drawstring and are made from cotton twill.

Skirts or Skorts

  • Skirts and skorts must be plain, simply styled and of appropriate size and fit.
  • Skirts and skorts must be knee length.
  • Skirts and skorts may be solid color khaki or black, exclusive of ornamentation and simply styled. HFAA plaid skirts may also be worn, current provider not available.

Hats or Headgear

  • No hats, hoods or headgear of any kind may be worn in the building at any time.


  • Footwear should be appropriate for school and must be closed-toe, closed-heel with a non-slip sole. For safety’s sake, shoes may not have heels higher than 2 ½ inches.
  • Sandals, house shoes, flip flops, or clogs are not permissible.
  • Socks, hose, and tights must be black, white, or red.


  • No hats, sunglasses (except as needed for documented medical reasons), scarves, gloves, bandanas or any kind may be worn inside the school building.

Jewelry & Piercings

Chains, spikes, or sharp objects on any jewelry item are not permissible. Nose rings or visible piercing other than pierced ears are not permissible. Students who have facial piercings must either remove the jewelry or wear clear or flesh-colored spacers. Parents and students are advised that any student who chooses to acquire a new piercing will not be excused from this rule because the piercing has not had time to heal properly. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that students do not acquire new visible piercings during the school year.

Body Art

  • No visible writing, drawings, or designs are allowed.

Out of uniform days

Out of Uniform Days occur at the discretion of the principal. Student dress on these days should demonstrate that the student has both a sense of personal dignity, modesty, and a sense of what is appropriate for a school/work place environment. Occasionally, students may be allowed to be out of uniform on field trips. Whatever the student wears should also be in accordance with the school’s policy that the student’s appearance will be a credit to the school community. Out of uniform dress may not include tank tops or any form of sleeveless shirt, cut-offs, exposed midriffs, short shorts, hipsters, or other inappropriate attire. Clothes must be in good condition without holes or ragged or cut off hems, and all other dress code expectations are to be met.

Students and parents are responsible for adhering to the uniform dress code. The principal will make the final decision as to whether any dress, make-up, or attire is inappropriate. Students are subject to disciplinary action for failure to follow the dress code.