Speech & Debate- Advanced

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Course Description:
This class is designed to prepare students for competitive speaking and debating. Its goal is to improve students’ skills in speaking, listening, composing, and reasoning through practical experiences and applications, especially during scheduled competitions. The course includes a concentration in parliamentary procedure, the techniques of persuasion, means of detecting propaganda and fallacies, and the refinement of voice and diction. It will feature an emphasis on forensics which will necessitate extensive practice and rehearsal in oral performances such as oral interpretations, humorous interpretations, dramatic interpretations, duo interpretations in humorous and dramatic, duo-acting, extemporaneous speaking, congressional debating and speaking, children’s literature, original oratories, and Lincoln-Douglas debating.


  • Synthesize information from a variety of sources
  • Analyze and evaluate facts and language (debate)
  • Use language to clarify thought (speech)
  • Interpret various forms of written language (interpretation)
  • Demonstrate competence in oral communication (speech)
  • Demonstrate competency in reading for truth (debate issues)
  • Select and read from many genres of literature (speech)
  • Make cuttings from pieces of literature for competitive purposes
  • Write and orate persuasive speeches (speech)
  • Work collaboratively with other students (duo-interpretations)
  • Increase your ability to collect and organize ideas.
  • Enhance your ability to subordinate ideas.
  • Increase your ability to evaluate evidence.
  • Develop your ability to see logical connections.
  • Increase your ability to think and speak in outline terms.
  • Develop your ability to speak convincingly.
  • Develop your ability to adapt.