Community Service Hour and Donation Opportunities

Students are required to perform a minimum of 10 hours per semester (with a total of 20 hours for the year) of community service while enrolled in Harding Fine Arts Academy. Students may perform this community service inside Harding or for an outside organization. Likewise, parents are required to commit themselves to 20 hours per year of service to Harding Fine Arts Academy as an aspect of community service and to demonstrate the value of community service to the development of responsibility and character of the students. We ask that parents perform their community service at HFAA. The areas of community service available to the student and parents is made known from time to time by the school. (A monetary donation or donation of goods of $10 is the equivalent of 1 hour of service.)

A form to document either student or parent service hours is available in the school office and is also available below.

Community Service - Student Record Form

Students turn forms into their Advisory Teacher

Parent Community Service Record Form

Parents turn forms into the main office (

Paseo Arts Festival Volunteer (HFAA Student Booth)

HFAA will have a booth this year at the Paseo Arts Festival taking place from May 27th - May 29th! If you would like to volunteer to man the booth, follow the link below to sign up:

Paseo Arts Festival Volunteer (Adult & Student)

Paseo Arts Festival Student Volunteers (Children's & Hospitality Areas)

Paseo Arts Festival Student Volunteers

Martial Arts Team Supplies

Ankle weights

Wrist weights

Resistance bands

Contact Teacher, Jennifer Allman, for more information.

Martial Arts Team Supplies

Sd memory cards

Thumb drives

Ink for canon pro-100

Contact Teacher, Jennifer Allman, for more information.