Our Instructional Methods

Academic-Intervention-for-WebInstructional methods begin with the needs of students, and teachers apply differentiated strategies as a way to reach all students. As an Oklahoma A+ School, teachers consider the multiple intelligence styles of students as they plan their lessons. Struggling students are identified early through pre-enrollment and formative assessments. Teachers have the freedom to control the pacing of concepts and to reteach if necessary. The needs of gifted students are met by offering more than 20 Advanced Placement and advanced level courses spanning every academic and arts program.

Teachers readily incorporate technology through iPads, Promethean board activities, classroom responders, still/video cameras, document projectors, computer labs and department specific technology such as digital cameras and microscopes. Students practice their knowledge, comprehension and ability to apply content through cooperative groups, inquiry based hands-on activities, Socratic seminars, and quizzes and exams containing questions from all 6 levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. Project-based learning allows student to internalize concepts and demonstrate mastery, such as the Kite and Bridge Building projects in math, the Animation project in science, and the Stanley Milgram and Mock Supreme Court project in the social studies/language arts classes.

Interactive lectures, discussions primary source document analysis, essay writing, and extensive internet research prepare students for the rigor of college. Students are instructed in the use of Cornell Notes and must complete curriculum specific vocabulary analysis that goes beyond simple definition by requiring students to identify why each term is important. Higher thinking is stressed in all classes and students are expected to communicate effectively in writing, work within time constraints and utilize technology.