Harding High School Alumni Association 2017 Scholarship Winners

The Harding Alumni Association presented scholarships to HFAA students.

The Marjorie Miller Scholarship is given in honor of Harding High School’s beloved English and Latin teacher for a student who will pursue Language arts in their post-secondary education. Our recipient this year transferred to Harding Fine Arts Academy during her senior year, and worked hard to prove herself as a true Firehawk.

Marjorie Miller Scholarship $500 - Miss Alexis Donovan

Harding Alumni Promise Scholarship that is given to someone who shows promise in visual and performing arts and will pursue those in their college careers.

Promise Scholarship $1000 - Miss Rayna Shaw

Two scholarships to be given to two graduates who we expect to become outstanding Alumni in their own right. These awards are presented to:

Alumni Scholarship $1000 - Miss Lexi Hurley

Alumni Scholarship $1000 – Miss Mady Smith

Thank you Harding High Alumni Association!