Art Spark Youth Art Contest

he Art Spark Youth Art Competition! Art Spark seeks to recognize students’ hard work and talent, and the school’s efforts to provide an enriched education. 

We were excited to provide an opportunity for art teachers and schools to showcase their students’ ability by submitting ten (10) pieces of original artwork. Artwork was judged by professional artists and awarded prizes in two divisions (Div.I-Elementary & Div.II-Middle School) and all are eligible for Art Spark Best in Show!

Entries were  judged and prizes awarded as follows:

  • 1st & 2nd place by school
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd by division (Div.I-Elementary & Div.II-Middle School)
  • Best in Show - Individual (Div.I and II combined)
  • Spark of Inspiration - Instructor/School for their collection of entries

2016 results were as follows:

Division I Awards

1st Place- Aniyah Durham (St. John’s Episcopal)
2nd Place- Amuna Nanne (Putnam Heights Elementary)
3rd Place- Jordan Kinney (Putnam Heights Elementary)

Division II Awards

1st Place- Reece Garcia (Roosevelt Middle School)
2nd Place- Lily Sisson (Belle Isle Middle School)
3rd Place- Joany Rodriguez (Jefferson Middle School

Best In Show- Dulce Martinez (Roosevelt Middle School)

Spark of Inspiration- Putnam Heights Elementary School

Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School
1st Place- Angie Santillan
2nd Place- Benny Cole

Independence Middle School
1st Place- Myranda Buck
2nd Place- Parker Dukes

Jefferson Middle School
1st Place- Latterian Cheadle
2nd Place- Karen Alvarez

Roosevelt Middle School
1st Place- Wendy Rodriguez
2nd Place- Diana Duran

St. Charles Borromeo Middle School
1st Place- Angelica Graves
2nd Place- Rory Paxton

St. John’s Middle School
1st Place- Sunni Foster
2nd Place- Sophia Silovsky

Taft Middle School
1st Place- Emily Jones
2nd Place- Anna Martinez

Edgemere Elementary School
1st Place- Victoria Blankenship
2nd Place- Robin Clark

Gatewood Elementary School
1st Place- Jason Nguyen
2nd Place- Best Julia

Nichols Hills Elementary School
1st Place- Jasper Jernigan
2nd Place- Caden Milner

Putnam Heights Elementary School
1st Place- Monica Moghbel
2nd Place- Dacey Tietz

St. John’s Elementary School
1st Place- Anna Crumley
2nd Place- Mason Gammel-Mubayiwa