Annual Fundraising Campaign- 2015

As 2015 comes to a close so does the Annual Fundraising Campaign. This year’s fundraising goal of $14,000 was surpassed for a total of $17,275 raised! All monies raised during HFAA’s fundraising activities will go toward the upgrade and renovation of our existing science classroom and laboratory spaces, equipment and furnishings. A HUGE thank you to the following individuals and organizations who gave during our campaign:

Luvetta Abdullah

Kaye Adams

NaRita Anderson

David and Lisa Austerman

Rod and Jan Baker

Kelley Barnes

Joy Reed Belt

Sally Bentley

H.K. Berry

Peter and Cheryl Borelli

Doris Chediak

Mickey Clagg

Sandy and Danielle Coats

Kent and Patty Cohenour

Timothy Crow

Christy Dinges

Jimmy Dobbins

Drew Dugan

Joyce Edgar

Carl and Susan Edwards

Mike and Beverly Ellis

Jason and Crystal Emerson

Jerry and Kathy Frazier

Raquel and Jason Frazier

Susan and Jay Gabbard

Mark and Julia Gillett

Jay Hannah

Harding High School Alumni Association

Lawrence Hawkins

Kalena Haynes

John and Seyan Hefner Walter and Jean Hendrickson

Vicki Hobson

Ken and Linda Howell

Kirsten Hurley

Dudley and Sue Ann Hyde

Jim and Laurie Hyde

Rindy Hyde

Earl and Karen Ingram

Robin Johnson

Thad and Sandra Kent

Diane King

Irene Lam

Patti Leeman

Shawn and Regina McManigell

Carol McPheeters

George McQuistion

Herman and LaDonna Meinders

Kenyon and Kay Morgan

Charles Nelson

Rob and Sara Northwood

Nancy Olney

Peyton Edward Osborne

Nathan and Peggy Powell

Jerry and Joy Richardson

Jim and Sherry Rowan

Mike and Karen Samis

Sue and Scott Spradling

Bobby Sullivan

Alan and JoAnne Terrill

Darrell and Lou Ann Todd

James and Elizabeth Tolbert

John Yoeckel



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