HFAA Return to Learn Plan (Official)

Dear HFAA Families,

As we confront the challenges of a pandemic, our goal is to provide a safe, rigorous, consistent, and supportive instructional experience. Although we recognize the need for all of us to be flexible, we also know how much all our students need direction, routine, engagement, and purpose.


First, as mentioned in our framework return to learn, the calendar would likely be altered, and that includes a later start date. In response to the recent state department of education recommendations and our need to incorporate them, we are officially adjusting our first day of school to Thursday, August 20 for all students, and the deadline for selecting to Wednesday, August 5th.


Second, our kids aren’t widgets, and they don’t deserve a widget approach. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all under normal conditions and this is amplified in a pandemic. We are actively exploring more innovative student-centered ways to meet the needs of our diverse population without compromising the reason you came to HFAA in the first place. This means we are modifying our return-to-learn plan to allow for virtual students to access in-person arts and extracurriculars when possible. Considerations for this approach will be scheduling and availability. 


There are many important things to consider in your choice, but at HFAA you will have access to our teachers, our visual performing arts programs (VPA), extracurriculars, and our supportive approach to community and student growth. We want to ensure all HFAA students have access as a part of a well-rounded, arts-integrated education. We are committed to making this happen as we push the envelope of our mission and return-to-learn plan to meet the needs of students.


Whether an HFAA student is enrolled virtually or traditionally, your child will be under the wing of our teachers. We have designed our distance learning to be rigorous and to keep pace with our traditional in-person curriculum. Whether in the classroom or online, there will be active learning, attendance will be taken, and assignments will be graded in a supportive environment.


Finally, don’t be silent. The best way for us to provide an exceptional education that supports your child and family in the middle of a pandemic is to be involved and let us know about your needs and concerns. We will host an HFAA “town hall” meeting with our team on Wednesday, July 29, at 6:30 pm.  We will address the most common questions we have received about HFAA’s Return to Learn plan, but you can submit additional questions here as well!


Enrollment in either the Traditional or Virtual programs is simple and available 24 hours/7 days until Wednesday, August 5!

HFAA ENROLLMENT (Traditional or Virtual)

See below for an explanation of each and contact information. If you have any questions let us help you weigh the options.

Once you select one of these two options, our counseling and enrollment staff will contact you directly. For students not already enrolled in HFAA, contact admissions: Ms. Siranga 405-702-4322

Although we are all facing unique challenges, we cannot lose sight of the reason we are here. This will be a creative year as unique as our circumstances, and we are excited to reconnect with our students! We recognize the need to stay flexible in a changing landscape, but our faculty & staff’s goals this semester and the coming year are to stay true to our student-centered mission while providing your child with a safe and healthy environment to learn and achieve.

As we finalize a robust Return-to-Learn plan and policies, we want to make sure you are aware of the foundation we are using. This year HFAA will be providing two strong options for your child: 1) Traditional In-person, and 2) Virtual On-line.


Our Traditional plan includes important measures to protect the health of your child and our teachers & staff, which will include essential items such as mandatory masks, social distancing, and regular sanitizing.

Fortunately, HFAA has some distinct advantages as we face these new challenges.

  • The Harding Building has large and open spaces for proper social distancing and student flow.
  • HFAA has additional spaces available that allow for creative scheduling and rotation when needed.
  • With multiple entry points, we have the ability the more effectively and efficiently regulate student flow during drop-off and pick-up.
  • Most importantly, HFAA has a dynamic and dedicated faculty and staff that are focused on supporting your child’s safety, education, and personal growth.
  • More detailed COVID response policy will be updated here and sent directly to families.


This year HFAA is providing a virtual option to meet the individual needs of our students and their families. Students enrolled in the HFAA Virtual Program will engage in their academic courses while still maintaining access to HFAA subject teachers and our Visual & Performing Arts programs.

We will publish more detailed Virtual Program information here soon and communicate that directly to families choosing this option.

  • After the semester begins, student who are enrolled virtually must remain in the Virtual Program until the end of each semester.

For enrollment, contact Ms. Siranga

For classes, contact Ms. Wetherington

Main Office: 405-702-4322

  • We will update this page over the coming weeks and send those updates to you directly as well.