English IV

Course Description:
English IV gives you the opportunity to study, analyze, and evaluate a wide range of British writings from the language’s origins to the present.  You will practice writing skills while learning many traditional literary styles and periods.  Throughout the course we will review literary styles, conventions, and examples of verse and prose writings.  Your understanding of and familiarity with these will be revealed and tested in several quizzes and writing assignments—how difficult they are depends on how well you study.  You will practice your writing process as necessary in the completion of successful writing, including a full and demanding research paper each semester.

Students completing this course satisfactorily meet the Senior English requirement for graduation. Upon completion of the school year, students shall be able to:

  • Write interpretations (explications) of many types of literature.
  • Recognize (learn) many literary terms, styles, and concepts, from epics and fiction to Modernism, Existentialism, and Postmodern writings.
  • Identify and recognize many historical influences of many of the major literary productions in the British Isles.
  • Identify and analyze (explore) aspects of yourself as reflected in many of the assigned readings.
  • Recognize and identify the value of much fine literature.
  • Identify and compare likely goals and purposes of many major British writers and works.
  • Apply good analytical and research techniques such as resourcing personal interviews, the Internet, periodicals, and books to complete the assigned semester research papers.