Community Service Hour, Volunteer Opportunities, and Donation Opportunities

The areas of community service available to parents/guardians are made known from time to time by the school. These opportunities are promoted through Harding Fine Art Academy’s newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account and through email messages to parents. Examples of some of these opportunities are below:

  • Attending PTO Meetings
  • Attending School Open House
  • Participating in Monthly Volunteer Days (Saturday morning work day)
  • Working at Concession Stand or ticket sales during sporting events
  • Working the scoreboard at athletic events
  • Chaperoning (or driving students to) HFAA events and field trips
  • Acting as a Test Monitor for mandatory state tests
  • Volunteering for school special events (plays and other performances)
  • Performing any repair or maintenance work in which you are qualified
  • Providing food, water and other items for Teacher Appreciation and other HFAA events
  • Cleaning or organizing
  • Opportunities listed below

In addition, a monetary donation or donation of goods of $10 is the equivalent of 1 hour of service.

Parent Fulfillment Guidelines and Reporting Form

Upcoming Opportunities for Parent Volunteer Fulfillment Program

Student / Parent Volunteer Days (9 am - noon at the school)

TBD due to COVID-19 constraints.

Teacher Appreciation Food/Drink Donations

A great way to show your appreciation for our teachers and earn Community Service hours is to sign up to provide food/drink for Teacher Appreciation events! Sign up below:

Teacher Appreciation Sign Up