AP English Literature and Composition

Jaimie Gargas

Course Description:

AP English Lit & Comp explores the history, culture, structure, and meaning of British Literature from Beowulf to the Modern Age. Students learn detailed analysis and interpretation of a wide range of literary genres, as well as preparing for the AP examination in the spring.

AP English Literature and Composition students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Read critically and demonstrate this skill through literary annotation
  • Evaluate the reader/writer relationship and the creation of meaning
  • Analyze form and figurative language of texts
  • Communicate meaningfully about literature, with appropriate terminology, in oral and written form
  • Write organized analysis of literature with a well-developed thesis, proper conventions, a professional tone, effective vocabulary, insightful evidence, and an organized structure
  • Peer edit focusing on the use of generalization and specific detail, on effective sentence variety and on effective use of vocabulary
  • Classify literature according to genre based on distinguishing features
  • Understand critical inquiry and apply these methods in their own writing
  • Recognize the social, cultural, and political significance of a text