HFAA’s mission is a fusion of the arts and academics, and we are committed to daily arts instruction, experiential learning and a cross-curricular instructional approach. The school offers a phenomenal selection of elective courses in the visual/performing arts and academics, which include advanced offerings in all areas to prepare students for post-secondary studies. As an academic and arts-integrated school we believe in a purposeful approach that includes the essential skills of reading, writing, and critical problem solving skills in all subjects. Through a comprehensive liberal arts education at a high school level we provide students with the opportunity to discover their creative capacity and to develop skills they will take far into their future regardless of their passions.

In all our arts/elective classes, students are encouraged to think critically in evaluating their work via formal group critiques, written reviews, or through historical research, writing or discussion. At HFAA, students have the opportunity to incorporate their artistic skills into their core curriculum as they meet the challenge of translating what they know from one subject to another. What does covalent chemical bonding look like in a dance with 40 students? We know. Can art be made in Physics by building a trebuchet and perfecting equations to throw paint-soaked tennis balls across an athletic field? Yes, it can.

Core Courses

Elective Courses