Assessment for Instruction and Learning Results


Harding Fine Arts Academy uses a variety of assessments to gauge students' educational progress. State End-of-Instruction (EOI) tests, PLAN and ACT, PSAT and Advanced Placement tests provide students, parents, teacher and the school valuable feedback regarding students' and program strengths and weaknesses. This information allows the school to make data-driven decisions regarding new initiatives to improve student achievement and what professional development teachers need in or to implement them. This ongoing process results in a culture of continuous school improvement and is one of the reasons our student pass rates are 15 to 25 points higher than district averages on state exams.

Because we draw from several public and private middle schools, our students do not come to us with a known and consistent set of skills. Students can have serious gaps in their educational preparation which we need to identify early to provide needed interventions. To help alleviate this issue, all new incoming students take a math and reading pre-test so that our teachers can be more focused in remediation lessons for struggling students.