AP English Language & Composition

Course Description:
The AP Language course is designed to prepare students to effectively analyze the rhetorical strategies used in the non-fiction, literature, film, art, and advertising found in American culture. Additionally, students will learn to implement persuasive writing techniques in their own work. Through close textual study of fiction, non-fiction, and other mediums, students will develop a clear focus on the author’s considerations regarding audience and purpose. Students will then learn how to apply that same focus in a variety of writing modes, specifically those outlined in both the most current edition of the AP English Course Description, and those mandated by our states Priority Academic Student Skills requirements. Students will be required to assess how each work and literary movement poses an argument for readers. As a college level course, expectations are appropriately high, the workload is challenging, and students will be required to read and prepare for discussions and complete assignments outside of regular class hours.