Harding Fine Arts Academy’s unique curriculum and instructional methods are key to our students’ success.  By merging the arts and academics, HFAA has created an engaging educational atmosphere which promotes critical thinking and problem-based learning.  This approach resonates with the creative learner and provides an academic fit for students who are bored with traditional methodology. By challenging students to demonstrate what they have learned in a variety of ways, students explore the curriculum at a deeper level and have greater retention.  Throughout all the classes, HFAA places an emphasis on reading, writing, vocabulary expansion, and critical thinking.

Harding exceeds state graduation requirements with 24 credits required for graduation, which includes: 4 years of English, a minimum of 3 years math, 3 years science, 3 years social studies and 6 credits in the arts. In addition, all students must have at least 2 years of the same foreign language or computer applications and one additional core credit. All classes meet and exceed the standards most closely associated with the course. Oklahoma PASS standards are measured by End of Instruction tests, the College Board AP Curriculum Standards as measured by student success on AP exams, and the ACT National Standards as measured by outcomes of the test.

Our Instructional Methods

Academic Intervention Program

After School Tutoring Program

 Assessment for Instruction and Learning Results

HFAA is fully accredited by AdvancED© North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Oklahoma State Dept. of Education. We have been praised by both for our balance between academic rigor, art integration, and project-based learning.

It is this strongly shared commitment to our students and our vision that creates results in a culture of continuous improvement, so parents can confidently choose and alternative to their neighborhood high school or the expense of a private education!