Academic Intervention Program

Teacher-Helping-Student-for-WebOur Academic Intervention (AI) program developed at HFAA focuses on supporting subject mastery and the strengthening student/teacher/parent accountability. AI is a mandatory study hall held on the last day of each week from after school until 5:00 pm in the school cafeteria for all students that have missing assignments in one or more classes. (Grade reports are run on Wednesday and automated messages are sent to parents/guardians if your student is expected to attend AI. Students also receive written notice.) Teachers and National Honor Society tutors are available to assist students in completing assignments.

When students are required to complete assignments, they grow in their mastery of the material and build powerful habits. Academic Intervention also provides a weekly connection point for parents and teachers that clearly communicates whether or not students are remaining on task and it is a formative indicator for early signs of students struggling academically as well as emotionally. Academic Intervention has been instrumental in reducing incomplete assignments and increasing student learning as evidenced by greater student eligibility and increased school-wide GPAs.

After School Tutoring Program